DPAS has extensive experience of delivering data privacy solutions to local authorities and their partners. Nigel Gooding, who founded DPAS, has worked at a senior level in the data protection industry for over 20 years. Nigel has successfully delivered services to national and local government organisations, including ten local authorities (NigelGooding). He will be responsible for the overall delivery of this ambitious contract.

We have broad experience of delivering complex programmes, involving multiple organisations. For example, we are currently delivering a major data protection compliance programme within the States of Jersey for Education and Children’s Services (www.gov.je/), involving 41 Schools (5-18) , Special Education Units, Safeguarding, and Youth Services.

We understand local organisations are operating with diminishing budgets, and need to achieve maximum value for money. Our solutions are flexible, pragmatic and sustainable, ensuring our clients can continue to adhere to best practice long after we have delivered services to them.

Nigel will be supported by our Operations Director Mel Garnett and Policy Director Alice Lomas, who will oversee the day-to-day delivery of our core team. Account Management Services will be delivered by Andy Ledger.

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